Red Bull Amaphiko, Collaboration with Overcoming Racism


Mykia and Overcoming Racism founder, Matthew Kincaid, discuss their collaboration for The Medicine Show presented by Red Bull Amaphiko.

The Medicine Show is a storytelling project for social change. This is a behind the scenes look at the creative collaboration between social innovator Matthew Kincaid of Overcoming Racism and musician Mykia Jovan.

Watch the full performance of "Déjà Vu" featuring Mykia Jovan with CoolNasty live at the Civic Theatre, New Orleans, 12/5/17.

Interview, Rigorous Magazine

 Rigorous Magazine Cover - Volume Two, Issue 1  Keith Duncan from the  Black Plight  series mixed media, fabric on canvas, 2017

Rigorous Magazine Cover - Volume Two, Issue 1

Keith Duncan
from the Black Plight series mixed media, fabric on canvas, 2017

New Orleans is my sound. It's all I know. I didn't come here to get inspired or because I heard the scene was cool and welcoming. I'm here because I couldn't get out, because a home like this one always finds you and calls you back, because the jazz, gospel, blues, and bounce is in my blood. It informs everything I write and how I approach music. I'm able to expand and explore because I have such a solid foundation. Not as a "musician" or a "vocalist" but as a child of this great city.  Mykia Jovan

Interviewed by Rosalyn Spencer for Rigorous Magazine

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Soul Conversations, WPFW

People go crazy when we play it [16 Shots] and call in. - DJ YZO, host
... a huge career ahead of her. Beautiful music, poet, writer, actress, all those good things... - Kimberly Washington, host

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Soul Conversations Radio Show, a collaboration between music lovers DJ Kimmiwah and DJ YZO, was born out of a passionate pursuit of real music. The radio show curates a musical journey through genres such as modern soul, chilled grooves, jazz, hip hop, house music, down tempo and more. Thrilled to showcase underground music, Soul Conversations hosts also interview some of the most talented national and indie singers, musicians, poets and hip-hop artists in the industry. This duo’s unique approach to preserving the rich landscape of soul enriched music, invites its listeners to experience the dynamic sonic installations of the past, present and future of organic soul. Airs Friday evenings on 89.3 WPFW Washington D.C.

16 Shots Premier, Offbeat Magazine

Elliyahu is about whether or not we seize the opportunity to sneak behind the curtain and expose the so-called great and powerful,” she adds. “It’s discovering that idols are both in and outside ourselves. It is a tiny capsule of moments in life where I’ve either decided to illuminate or succumb to suffering. - Mykia Jovan

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